Softly They Chew The Cud

Softly They Chew The Cud

by Mark Whelehan

ISBN: 9780956423061

Fiction Paperback
210mm x 210mm – 168 pages
RRP £14.99

This 168 page softback book contains the latest poetry works by Mark Whelehan, illustrated in his own distinctive pointelle style. In Softly They Chew the Cud, the well-known Sculptor and Poet of Irish descent continues on his polymathematic wanderings across the Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire.

“A chance encounter with Mark on the track through the mythical Folly Wood has led to a criss-crossing of our lives ever since, playing to Mark’s firm belief in coincidences. His rich and varied life, always accompanied by his faithful hound Crook, has provided an endless source of inspiration for his remarkable poetry and beautiful drawings. This latest volume of verse and pointelle, Softly They Chew The Cud, leads us on a fascinating journey through the landscape that cradles Folly Wood, as well as an exploration of the depths of Mark’s imagination. An imagination ever full of surprises, not least of which to himself!”

Paul Timlett and Glyn Coy

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