Regardless of the convenience of using a search engine to narrow down your choices before downloading your final book selection to your digital device to read on that long haul journey, print media still holds an important place in our lives.

Which is why, here at CepenPark Publishing, although we have been embracing the new technologies since publishing our first digital interactive book in 1996, we have not abandoned our fifty years of experience in print by continuing to produce the paper versions.

This is because there is still nothing quite like walking around the shelves of a good bookshop.  There you can choose a book by reading the blurb on the back cover, then move to a quiet corner to read the first few pages.   When you take your selection to the checkout, you interact with another human being.  They have probably not only read it themselves, but have the dedication and interest to offer an opinion.

Plus, of course, you will be into chapter six before the pilot has extinguished the fasten seat belts sign, and your fellow passengers are actually allowed to start reading!

Of course, print is not just for books; we produce promotional material as well, including brochures, leaflets, calendars and guidebooks – in fact anything you need in print form. So, why not contact us to discuss your particular needs?

See below for a slideshow of some books we have published. Click on any image for more details: